How to Avoid Scams

I want to make the following disclaimer:   I personally guarantee all the companies in this website directory. However, I do not have control over the Google ads listed here. Please keep two things in mind.  First, if it sounds too good to be true, it is. Second, if you are ever asked for a dime to obtain a job, it is typically a scam. 

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For example, one company, advertising under about 50 different names is currently stating that they will get you a data entry job paying $30 an hour once you pay a fee to access their site.   Don't do it.   Instead of offering you a job, they will basically refer you to a small list of companies to apply to, all of which are on this site free.  You will never be offered a job through scams like that.  Click on "Articles" above for more info on this company and their scam.

Another thing you need to take into consideration when looking for work from home is whether you are seeking a job with another company or whether you are interested in starting your own small business. I personally do both.  I own website blogs as a business.  In addition, I perform contract work for 5-10 companies listed in my directory.

For those of you that have continuously visited the Legitimate Online Job Directory as it has evolved, I want to thank you for making it a success.   For all of the new visitors here, welcome to the world of working from home and God Bless!

Anne-Marie Anderson, Owner,